VBX 18 Starter Kit Spanish

VBX 18 Starter Kit Spanish

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Welcome to Sea of Miracles VBX, where kids get caught by Jesus’ love! This awesome program will show kids the power of Jesus' love and what it means for us. Each day at Sea of Miracles kids will explore Galilee during Jesus’ time and experience the joy of sharing their adventures with each other. Solid Christ-centered activities will help kids discover Jesus and develop a growing relationship with Him.

Included in this Sea of Miracles Starter Kit:

Manuals for VBX Staff

  • Director's Manual
  • The North Shore Lunch & Dock (Opening and Closing Programs)
  • Beit Saida Village & Shore (Hands-on Activity Station)
  • Mountaintop (Prayer Station)
  • Shepards' Field (Game Station)
  • Simona's House (Bible Story Station)
  • Lakeshore Preschool


  • Promotional
  • Stations
  • Bible Story


  • Music CD
  • Music DVD
  • Launch & Dock DVD

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