Beyond Greeting Complete Kit

Beyond Greeting Complete Kit

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“A visitor is a temporary outsider, while a guest is an expected person to be delighted in and served. How do we want people to feel when they come to church—like a visitor or a guest?”

While shaking hands and handing out bulletins are important parts of welcoming people to your church, the BEYOND GREETING kit covers much more! It is a complete plan for moving beyond saying “Happy Sabbath” to creating a guest services system that will connect person to person.

A key piece of BEYOND GREETING is the four seminars where participants will learn the four steps in connecting with guests.

  • Being Expected: Guests will see that the church is ready for their visit
  • Being Noticed: Everyone will feel welcome and see that the church is safe and accepting
  • Being Invited: Guests will be invited to return during their visit and in follow-up communication
  • Being Engaged: Members will intentionally connect with guests outside of worship services

The BEYOND GREEING kit includes:

Leader’s Guide: The guest services textbook that includes underlying Biblical concepts and specific steps your church can take to move to a guest services model

Teacher’s Guide: The complete text and references for the four seminars

Media Resource USB: Includes video vignettes and PowerPoint slides

Sample Participant Guide: Each participant in the BEYOND GREETING seminar will need their own Participant Guide for notes and activities

BEYOND GREETING will help your church establish an effective guest service process. Get started by reading the Leader’s Guide. Follow up by identifying who should be included on the guest services team to experience BEYOND GREETING training.

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