A Practical Guide for Pastors and Elders

A Practical Guide for Pastors and Elders

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Assembling the right pastoral and youth ministry team is a key factor in the success of Pathfinder ministry. Whether you are starting a new Pathfinder club or revitalizing an existing club, a thorough assessment of the spiritual atmosphere for the youth in your church will help you design a ministry that will help them develop a lifelong relationship with Christ. Author Gregory M. Carmichael shares what he has learned through years of Pathfinder club experience.

This book is full of valuable information on many topics including:

  • The Role of Pastors and Elders in Pathfinder Ministry
  • Strengthening Club Leadership
  • Becoming a Master Guide
  • The Investiture Achievement Curriculum
  • Ministering to Pathfinders
  • Encouraging Pathfinders
  • And much more!

This practical guide focuses on the responsibilities of the pastoral team as it relates to Pathfinder ministries. From accepting the call to service and inducting new club members through teaching Investiture Achievement classes and assisting with campouts, you’ll find advice for every step along the way.

Copyright 2014. Paperback.

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