The Ambassadors of Elior and the Fro

The Ambassadors of Elior and the Fro

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Oliver and Mia are siblings who don’t get along. They live in different states, they have different personalities, and they believe they have nothing in common. A summer trip to their grandparents’ house in Michigan pulls them into an adventure that they never dreamed of, where they must discover what it means to have faith. Join Oliver and Mia beyond the waterfall as they must work together to discover the identity of the One True King.

The first book of the Ambassadors of Elior combines a compelling story with discussion questions and Bible passages corresponding to the books of 1st and 2nd Peter, Hebrews, and James. This book covers the Bible chapters included in the 2021 Pathfinder Bible Experience.

Paperback. Copyright 2020. 193 pages.

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