Welcome to the exciting world of Investiture Achievement!

This Director's Guide will give you a complete overview of what is required for the completion of each level and some basic teaching tips you or the Instructors in your club can use to help Pathfinders complete the requirements. Investiture Achievement is for Pathfinders in grades 5-10 or their equivalent and it is divided into six levels—one for each year. Each year your Pathfinders will focus on seven areas or tracks:

  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Discovery
  • Serving Others
  • Making Friends
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nature Study
  • Outdoor Living

Do your Pathfinders want to complete the advanced level? This guide has all the requirements and teacher's helps for all advanced levels.

The Investiture Achievement Curriculum is designed to create an ongoing learning environment. To maximize success for each Pathfinder, club directors, instructors, and all Pathfinder staff must intentionally:

  • Inspire and motivate Pathfinders.
  • Emphasize quality, not quantity, of learning.
  • Build on knowledge that has been gained in earlier levels.
  • Allocate time to practice new concepts and skills.
  • Aim for understanding rather than memorization.
  • Consider developmental and individual abilities of each Pathfinder.
  • Employ effective and flexible strategies to aid learning.
  • Use concrete and meaningful activities.

The goal of the Investiture Achievement Curriculum is to engage the Pathfinders in your club in active, hands-on learning. The teaching tips for each level will help you create an environment where Pathfinders will build on knowledge previously learned and, most importantly, make a decision to follow Jesus.


  • PDF Files for Each Level
  • Instructor's Help Booklets
  • Records Cards
  • Record Charts
  • Record Journals

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