PF Instructor Cert Part. Spanish

PF Instructor Cert Part. Spanish

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Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification is something that every Pathfinder Club Instructor should complete. These eight workshops are required for Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification.

The workshops in the Instructor Certification include:

  • Understanding Teaching Styles—EDUC 002
  • Understanding Learning Styles—EDUC 003
  • Working with Children with Special Needs—EDUC 006
  • Teaching Christian Values—EDUC 150
  • Teaching Investiture Achievement: Intent and Organization—EDUC 200
  • Practical Applications for Teaching Investiture Achievement—EDUC 210
  • Teaching Honors—EDUC 230
  • Introduction to Discipline—PYSO 120

The Pathfinder Club Instructor Certification is part of the Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) which includes certifications for Adventurer Club Ministries, Pathfinder Club Ministries, Master Guides, and Youth Ministries.

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