Teen Leadership Training Book

Teen Leadership Training Book

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The Teen Leadership Training program is designed to challenge and empower teen Pathfinders with new and increased responsibilities while allowing them the security of doing so in a place they know and love. Teens who want to stretch their abilities will love the TLT program.

The TLT program is a four-year program for Pathfinders in grades 9-12 and it is structured under the Pathfinder Club organization. It is designed to give TLTs experience in Pathfinder Club administration, outreach, teaching, activities, records and counseling.

This resource includes the following:

  • Organization of the TLT program within the Pathfinder Club
  • Requirements for TLT membership
  • The role of TLT mentors
  • Complete program outline
  • Uniforms and insignia
  • Checklists and other useful forms

The Teen Leadership Training program is a great way to engage the teens in your club. It gives adults the opportunity to mentor young leaders and encourages teens to be role models to younger club members.

Copyright 1994, 2014. Paperback.

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