Meet Hiram Edson DVD

Meet Hiram Edson DVD

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On October 22, 1844, committed Christians from many denominations confidently expected to see Jesus returned based on a great time prophecy of Daniel that had already successfully predicted three events, including the year of Jesus’ crucifixion.

They were disappointed—but out of that disappointment came even greater light:

  • Jesus’ second advent was indeed nearing.
  • But before He returns, He has a special work to do, in heaven, for us.
  • The final judgment has begun--conducted not by an angry God, but by our Redeemer, who is not only our Judge but our defense attorney.
  • The Bible’s great memorial of creation, the seventh day Sabbath, still has meaning today.

Copyright 2012. Includes Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. Running time: 22:21.

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