Love Under Fire - Encounter Adventist Curriculum 11.1

Love Under Fire - Encounter Adventist Curriculum 11.1

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Students will:
  • Be able to understand the nature of the Bible as enduring, trustworthy and true, and as seen throughout history.
  • Explain the purpose, inspiration and history of the Bible.
  • Assess the role of biblical archaeological evidence in providing credibility for the Bible.
  • Delineate God's leading throughout church history in the perspective of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.
  • Survey the history of Christianity, with particular reference to the Reformation (key people, events, concepts, timelines, conflicts, doctrines, etc.).
  • Evaluate the impact of the Reformation period on the enduring relevance and value of the Bible.
  • Relate key influences and themes of the past to present and possible future events.
  • Develop techniques for studying the Bible.

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