Roundabout Faith

Roundabout Faith

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Roundabout Faith moves through 28 Christian teachings that are anchored in the Person of Christ. As young people mature into adults the decisions and commitments they make about faith are usually not like an intersection where they turn left or right or a fork in the road where they choose one way or another. It may be that the season of young adulthood is filled with life transitions that invite a more ongoing refinement of their beliefs as they grow.

A roundabout is an intersection going in one direction where traffic slows and flows around a central point. Negotiating through the flow of traffic and exiting in a desired direction is the goal! This book invites young adults to explore the landscape of their faith in a way that they are grounded in God’s word and alive with the freedom to relentlessly pursue their calling in Christ.

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 122 pages.

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