The Word on Campus DVD

The Word on Campus DVD

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This DVD contains two brief segments - one for students and one for churches.

Segment 1: Walk the Walk (Students) - Attending a secular college or university as a Seventh-day Adventist is a challenge. Where can you turn when you’re on your own? Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is here to help. ACF allows students to enter into a community that can help build their spirituality. This video presents an invitation for students to join ACF. Learn how ACF can help Adventist students at public colleges and universities walk the walk.

Segment 2: Where are the Students? (Churches) - There are approximately 19 million students attending public colleges and universities in North America. 50,000 of those students are Adventist. Is God calling you to reach out to them? Watch this video to learn about Adventist Campus Fellowship, a ministry to students on public campuses.

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