Relational Bible Studies - John

Relational Bible Studies - John

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Relational Bible Studies encourage participants to imagine participating in Bible stories while they are happening. This helps us be able to apply Bible passages to our lives today.

These Bible studies were designed for use in a small group setting. Start with the opening question. It is a personal question and the answer is unique for each individual. There is no right answer and nobody is an expert, so don’t be surprised when you hear different responses. You are depending on the Holy Spirit to be present and to speak through your group. Say what God prompts you to say, and listen to what others share.

Take turns reading the Bible passages out loud. Follow that with giving the participants some time to individually mark their responses to the questions. This gives each person a starting point for responding when you start to share as a group. Next, begin the discussion by asking the participants to share what they marked and why on each question as you work your way through. Feel free to take more time on some questions than others as discussion warrants.

Encourage each person in the group to apply what is discussed to their personal lives and to share with the group what they believe God wants them to do. Then ask them to pray that God will help each of them to follow through in doing so. Remind them to expect that God will show them ways to live out the message of this passage.

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