Generational Faith: Change and Consistency Across Generations

Generational Faith: Change and Consistency Across Generations

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Will your children be just like you? Will their faith look like yours? If so, to what extent? If not, why?

The Bible refers to consequences continuing to the third and fourth generations, and blessings for a thousand generations. If that’s true, why has the next generation dropped out of church and lost interest in God? Have the Bible’s promises expired?

Maybe the world’s rapid changes have sped up the process, or perhaps this world has simply become too evil for faith to survive. And yet when all hope seems to be gone, young people shoot past their parents in spiritual vitality, commitment, and action.

In October 2011 youth and young adult ministry professionals gathered at Andrews University for the 180° Symposium hosted by the Center for Youth Evangelism. Thirteen papers were presented during the symposium, followed by the group forming a think tank to brainstorm on the topic.

In this book you will find the results of this work, including:

  • The 13 papers presented at the start of the 180° Symposium
  • The Relationship of Theology and Culture
  • Addressing Second and Third Generational Challenges/Opportunities
  • The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • Hand Me Down Religion
  • Moving In (Immigration)

Youth and young adult ministry needs to evolve in this era of compressed change. Is your congregation learning how to reach today’s young people?

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 91 pages.

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