Living Through Crisis - ePub

Living Through Crisis - ePub

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Living Through Crisis: Youth/Young Adult Devotional and Prayer Journal is an initiative of Atlantic Union Conference Adventist Youth Ministries. 

The project is a result of the collaborative efforts of the youth ministry directors, associates, coordinators, and leaders; pastors and elders, and conference and union administrators and departmental directors from across the Atlantic Union territory.

The Atlantic Union Conference covers seven northeastern states and the islands of Bermuda and includes six conferences of Bermuda, Greater New York, New York, Northeastern, Northern New England, and Southern New England. Written as a token of support to the thousands of youth/young adults across the Atlantic Union and beyond, Living Through Crisis is poised to be a blessing to each individual who has pushed through the year 2002 by the grace of God, and has stepped into 2021 by faith. 

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