So, You Want to Be An AYS Leader... (Spanish)

So, You Want to Be An AYS Leader... (Spanish)

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Are you the new AY leader in your church? Are you the current AY leader who wishes your programs and activities could reach more youth? Are you thinking, "How can I get the departments of this church involved in the AYS?"

If you have a passion for youth and what to know how the Adventist Youth Society can make a difference in their lives, this book is for you.

So You Want to be an AYS Leader is a step-by-step guide that will help you plan and organize a successful year-long AYS program in your church. This handbook includes:

  • Five Easy Steps in Developing a Year-Long AYS Program
  • How to Conduct Your First AYS Council Meeting
  • Complete List of Job Descriptions
  • Photocopy Masters of all Suggested Forms

You will also discover how the Adventist Youth Society started and the importance of its role in communicating what is happening in your church to the membership.

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