The Experience of Faith

The Experience of Faith

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Faith is first and foremost an experience, and unless these we can understand the kinds of situations which are most conducive to the enhancement of faith, we will not be in a position to fulfill our religious mission. The Experience of Faith centers on faith as a holistic personal experience which each individual lives in a different but related way over the entire life cycle. This seminal volume goes beyond Fowler in that it shows how faith grows most fruitfully not in stages but rather in concrete existential situations.

A few of the many special features of this noteworthy book include:

  • Looks at faith as a total personal experience rather than simply as an intellectual way of construing the world.
  • Shows concretely how enriched opportunities for growth in faith occur primarily in different existential situations in one's own life.
  • Interfaces state-of-the-art psychological research data on faith with biblical and theological views of faith.
  • Links growth in faith not with abstract cognitive stages but more importantly and holistically with a person's own development progressions in concrete situations over the entire life cycle.
  • Provides practical workable suggestion on how to enhance faith growth.

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