Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches

Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches

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Are you in a 'small' church? Well, guess what you're the majority. With the average church in America clocking in around 75 members, there's no reason why 'small' has to equal 'less' when it comes to healthy, thriving youth ministry.

In this stereotype-busting examination of 'smaller' (don't call 'em 'small'!) youth ministry, Rick Chromey and Stephanie Caro provide clear biblical and philosophical direction along with a host of practical ideas. You'll discover strengths you didn't know you had, and realize that what you thought were obstacles were only excuses.

Today's teenagers move at the rapid pace of today's society. And a smaller youth ministry has the flexibility and qualities to be nimble and relational, two qualities that will serve your teenagers more than a kickin' stage or a big budget.

Embrace your smallness and create a ministry that teenagers will love to be a part of, no matter how many of you there are.

Paperback. 251 pages. Copyright 2009.

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