What About. . .?

What About. . .?

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Young people have questions.

Some of these have to do with what is hitting them in the face at the moment; an unwanted pregnancy, parental conflict over body piercing, a passing comment heard in a sermon, a sudden death.

Some of these have to do with things they have heard, but now they are thinking about them in new ways or with increased depth; pain and suffering, God's activity or lack of activity, prayer, God's will for my life.

Use What About...? for your own personal study or in a group discussion. Check out the Scriptural index and add your own passages. Young people have questions. Here are some answers. And you can be the one who provides listening ears for them as they come up with answers for themselves.

This can be intimidating, for young people as well as for adults. Young people don't necessarily want to appear to be stupid or rebellious. Sometimes they need a forum to discuss their issues and take them for a test run. Adults aren't always sure about their answers and may be wrestling with the same questions, too. Is there a safe place to ask questions? Is there a safe person or group of people to dialogue about these things?

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