Communication Handbook

Communication Handbook

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Need guidelines and practical tips on how to write and edit news articles, take great photos and use social media, video, branding and public and media relations to tell your organization’s story?

In this compilation of articles, experienced communicators offer help with quick tips, ideas, lessons learned and words of wisdom—all to help you achieve your goals for effectiveness with excellence.

Authors: Debra Anderson, Ricardo Bacchus, Jessica J. W. Beans, V. Michelle Bernard, Celeste Ryan Blyden, Richard Castillo, Kelly Butler Coe, Tom Grant, Andre Hastick, LaTasha Hewitt, Valerie Morikone, Taashi Rowe, Heidi Shoemaker, Eugene Simonov, Doug Walker, Pierre Walters and Jennifer Gray Woods

Paperback. 78 pages. Copyright 2020.

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