Curb Appeal (Spanish)

Curb Appeal (Spanish)

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Just as humans send a message even when they are silent, a church sends a message just by its very presence in a neighborhood. Think about it. What kind of message does your church send? This booklet can help you find out.

Curb Appeal will help you analyze what your church communicates to first-time visitors. It is designed to spark group discussion as part of the church board, communication committee or group assigned by the church board or pastor with the goal of improving what a church communicates to visitors.

This self-evaluation tool is divided into seven categories of ways churches send messages:

  • Signs and Directions
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Print
  • Technology
  • Verbal
  • Non-Verbal

This booklet includes a worksheet so you and your team can pinpoint 3-5 areas in which you excel and 3-5 areas you would like to give your immediate attention to improving. There is space to develop goals, objectives and action plans to remedy the areas of greatest concern.

The overall goal? For every Adventist church in North America to send warm and inviting verbal and non-verbal messages to guests, first-time visitors and potential members.

Copyright 1999, updated in 2012. This product was formerly known as The Church as a Communicator. Paperback.

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