Digital Discipleship and Evang mobi

Digital Discipleship and Evang mobi

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Digital Discipleship & Evangelism starts by developing a model for using technology effectively in the digital world. Then, the author dives into areas that are important for online success. You’ll learn about:

  • The seeker’s journey and how to communicate effectively to your target audience 
  • Digital tools and why they’re important for local outreach
  • Forming a digital discipleship and evangelism team
  • Creating a comprehensive digital strategy
  • Best practices for ministries on social media
  • Branding for local church ministries
  • Optimizing your website

This guide outlines the basics of content creation, curation, and strategy, then digs deep into content evangelism and how to write effectively for online audiences, providing best practices for creating strong social media posts. Next, you’ll learn how to build community in the digital space and practical tips for community care and engagement. Finally, the book details how digital tools and the Church body can be leveraged as an outreach vehicle for souls through organic growth techniques and social media advertising.

Once the foundation is established, team members’ roles are outlined in detail. Find out the difference between creatives and distributors, and the important role in communication and relationship building that engagers play.

The section on “Guidance for Digital Disciples and Digital Missionaries” is a must-read for all involved in digital ministry. Learn how to grow digital disciples, engage in digital door knocking, balance your mission work and health, and conduct a personal social media audit.

This comprehensive resource is packed with practical “how-to” nuts and bolts that will help you establish or grow your digital ministry. This guide seeks to act as a catalyst for a cultural shift toward prioritizing technology in the Church at all levels, by which ministry can be revolutionized using innovative technology to reach the world.

211 pages Copyright 2020.

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