Keys to Communication Disorder

Keys to Communication Disorder

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The church and the Gospel should be accessible to everyone. This series, Keys to Special Needs Ministries, prepares you to support people with special needs and foster inclusion in all aspects of church life. The goal of special needs ministries is to unite people, both disabled and non-disabled, in the common bond of Christ’s love.

People with communication disorders have difficulty either understanding language or using it to communicate. This booklet describes ways you can meet the needs of people with these impairments, including:

  • Providing alternate ways for sharing ideas during lesson study, such as written comments
  • Making lessons and programs visual and hands-on
  • Learning how to use devices that enhance communication

It is important to embrace all men, women, and children into inclusive worship. To do so effectively, consider the needs of people with communication disorders and learn what you can do to make them feel welcome and comfortable in the church.

Paperback. Copyright 2015.

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