You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

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Some Christians say Revelation is a closed book and not meant for human understanding.

Actually, the word Revelation means “unveiling,” and the first chapter of Revelation promises a blessing to all who read and take it to heart.

Other readers study Revelation over and over but end up confused about all the beasts, scrolls, trumpets, and angels.

The truth is that Revelation is the story of Jesus Christ from beginning to end, and we need to understand the plot of that story before sorting out the details.

A few preachers even use the newspaper to interpret Revelation, equating each symbol with a specific event in yesterday’s news.

Actually, Revelation is best interpreted using the Bible itself. You can learn to understand prophecy for yourself—all you need is a safe method of Bible study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Once you grasp the basic method, we’ll use those tools to walk through the central portion of Revelation, which deals with earth’s final crisis just before the second coming of Jesus. You may have to re-think everything you thought you knew about interpreting prophecy, but you’ll know that you stand on the firm footing of God’s word. Open your Bible and join us for the journey.

Paperback. Copyright 2013. 192 pages.

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