10 Christian Values Every Kid Should Know

10 Christian Values Every Kid Should Know

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Building children is better than repairing adults!

Kids today are bombarded by a confusing array of sham values in school and the media. What can a parent do? What are the secrets of growing a child into a happy adult? Using the latest research, Donna Habenicht provides more than 1,000 strategies for teaching kids the basic Christian values of respect, responsibility, self-control, honesty, compassion, thankfulness, perseverance, humility, loyalty, and faith in God. You will learn:
  • How to peer-pressure-proof your child
  • A list of creative ways for your kid to say no
  • Effective ways to enhance self-respect
  • The importance of eliciting just the right amount of emotional arousal

Habenicht discusses role modeling, dinner dialogue, journaling, posters, stories, questions, role playing, drawing, praying together, and many other strategies for planting values in growing hearts. Your child will be a well-adjusted adolescent before you exhaust the wealth of resources in this book.

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