A Guide to Parenting

A Guide to Parenting

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Do you feel sometimes you’re losing the battle? Do you feel sometimes that you have actually lost? Your loss may be a relationship that went badly wrong, regret over an action you took or failed to take, an argument with your son or daughter, memories of a child who has left home, or the painful journey of bereavement.

Through the stormy waters of dating, entertainment, education, discipline, abuse, grief, service, and family time, family specialists Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown want you to know that no matter what your experience might be, you can be more than conquerors. In spite of your loss, you can still be on the winning team with your children.

This book is for children, young people, and the parents and teachers who love them.

Hardcover. Copyright 2003. 173 pages. Four-color illustrations.

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