Rare Kids; Well Done

Rare Kids; Well Done

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  • If you want to know how to never have an argument with your kids…
  • If you want your youngsters to obey the first time they’re told…
  • If you want to stop the homework aggravation forever…
  • If you want your kids to develop deep respect for you and other authority figures…
  • If you want your kids to get past the selfishness and learn to think of others…
  • If you want to know how to develop an atmosphere of deep joy in your family…

…then you’ll love this book.

Author Don Jacobson is husband to Ruthie, father of two adult sons, and grandpa to two beautiful granddaughters. He has spent more than 50 years counseling and coaching parents and kids. Don is an educator, clergyman, and much sought-after speaker, having spoken on subjects of family values in most U.S. states, across Canada, and in scores of venues outside the U.S.

Paperback. 144 pages. Copyright 2011.

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