Tools for Teen Leaders: Keeping Teens Involved in Pathfinders

Tools for Teen Leaders: Keeping Teens Involved in Pathfinders

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“ ‘Help!’ is often the cry of a leader who has the task of leading teenagers. What can I do with them – whether I have 2 or 22? What do they want to do that will not either kill them or lead them astray? I don’t have a clue what to do with the teens…and there is no one to help me!”

If this sounds familiar, Tools for Teen Leaders is here to help. It is an idea book for Pathfinder leaders with teenagers in their clubs. Tools for Teen Leaders will give you the tools, action plans, and ideas you need to reach teens for Jesus.

Whether your club includes youth ages 13-19 or adolescents on the brink of their teenage years, this book is full of resources and techniques you can use to keep teens involved and recruit more teens to join your club.

Inside this book you’ll find ideas for getting teens involved in meaningful ways, such as:

  • Including teens in leadership

  • Developing their creativity

  • Strengthening teens’ outdoor skills

  • Teaching teens about mentoring younger Pathfinders

  • And more!

Tools for Teen Leaders will help you show teens that the life of a Christian is more than Sabbath school and church once a week – it involves service to others, loving relationships, and fun! If you have teens in your club, you don’t want to miss out on this handy reference guide.

(AdventSource). 62 pages. Copyright 2009. Paperback.

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