Real Family Talk

Real Family Talk

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Real Family Talk is an award-winning program hosted by Willie Oliver, Ph.D., a pastor and family sociologist, and Elaine Oliver, MA, an educator and counseling psychologist. Through their half-hour show, this dynamic couple equips families with the tools necessary to build relationships, improve communication, and make important decisions.

Episodes include:

  • When the Honeymoon is Over: 6 reasons we fall out of love. Guests: Mike and Gayle Tucker.
  • Who has the Floor? Tools for managing conflict in marriage.
  • Eldercare and Aging: Facing the blessings and challenges of aging. Guest: Diane Crane.
  • Finding the Right Mate: What you need to know before tying the knot.
  • Surviving the Financial Crisis: How to save your money and your marriage. Guests: Dwain and Kemba Esmond.
  • Nurturing Fun & Friendship: How to put the fun back into your marriage.
  • Social Media and the Family: Don’t let social media destroy your life.
  • What’s Happened to Family Dinner? Why dinnertime is still the most important hour in your family’s day. Guest: Duane McBride.

Includes two DVDs with a total of 8 30-minute episodes. Copyright 2013.

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