Church Love: Where Hate Goes to Die

Church Love: Where Hate Goes to Die

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Why would anyone want to go to a church? Because it is the intersection where grace and human need collide! It is ground zero for new beginnings and healing!

To many today, churches scare people away. Rather than being places that nurture hope, they have become clubs or clicks for socialization. In some cases they have become political echo chambers where the lure of power has diminished the purpose of their existence—to carry God’s unconditional favor to all people. This book challenges us to live in the middle of the intersection to create safe spaces where love can sprout and grow.

About the Author: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer is an author, counselor, musician and activist residing in Orlando, Florida. To date, Jennifer has written or co-written ten published books, recorded over 150 original songs, and conducted scores of seminars on various spiritual and practical topics. Her most popular seminars are "Finding Peace," on individual mental health, and "To Love and Be Loved," on relationship health.

Copyright 2020. 35 pages.

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