Personal Ministries Training Course Set

Personal Ministries Training Course Set

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The Personal Ministries Training Course includes nine units that are arranged so leaders in outreach can become more effective both personally and in leading others in witnessing. The courses are divided into three segments: Core Units, Essential Skills and Member-Led Public Evangelism.

Courses in this Personal Ministries series include:

  • The Great Commission
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • How to Use the Bible in Personal Ministries Outreach
  • The Science of Soul Winning
  • How to Give Bible Studies
  • The Art of Obtaining Decisions
  • Relating to People of Various Religious Persuasions
  • The Basics of Evangelistic Sermon Preparation and Delivery
  • How to Organize and Run an Evangelistic Campaign

Completing these courses is a great way to start your journey to becoming a more effective leader and improving your personal skills in sharing the Gospel.

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