Faithfact Discipleship Manual

Faithfact Discipleship Manual

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In this guide you will find twenty-eight Bible studies for personal or group study. Each is designed to guide you into a personal or group study that will help lead you down the pathway from spiritual seeker to a lifelong disciple and disciple-maker of Jesus. The studies are divided into four sections:

  • Rebirth: discover the beauty and the fundamental steps in our salvation journey.
  • Lordship: a biblical study to help spiritual seekers become growing believers.
  • Abiding: keys to developing basic Christian values and habits and helps growing believers develop into faithful followers of Jesus.
  • Abundant Living: gives tools to release for disciples to continue to grow into a life of service and ministry that Jesus intended.

For each topic there are several bible verses that relate to one of the four phases of discipleship and then, from those texts, there is a summery of their meaning into clear and simple Faithfacts that are practical biblical principles.

Using this guide both new and long-time members will grow as disciples of Jesus.

Paperback. Copyright 2018.

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