30 Day Cycle of Prayer for Buddhists

30 Day Cycle of Prayer for Buddhists

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Close to one billion people around the world have been strongly influenced by Buddhism. This religion was founded approximately 2500 years ago through the experience and teaching of Gautama Buddha, called the enlightened one. Though Buddhism started in India, it now has followers throughout the world. Many in western countries have also become interested in the practices and teachings.

Each one of these Buddhists is known and loved by the God who created the world. He sent Jesus to die in order to set them free from desire and suffering. Day by day and month by month, you can pray for God’s compassion to be known and experienced by these precious people.

This book of prayers was written as an example to help you grow in understanding of what Buddhists believe and need, and in your ability to claim God’s promises for them.

Paperback. 44 pages.

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