Passionate Prayer

Passionate Prayer

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Brenda Walsh is one who has learned by experience the power of passionate prayer. This book is filled with miracle stories of God’s intervention in her life and in the lives of those for whom she has prayed. These exciting first-person stories will amaze and inspire you. Brenda invites you to a prayer life that goes beyond prayer as a duty or a habit to something effective – passionate prayer that brings life-changing results, not only for yourself but for others.

But passionate prayer is not all about miracles, even though we need them. In Passionate Prayer, Brenda reveals the most important reason for prayer: because we want to know Jesus better. Prayer is not just words in a one-way conversation. It is a transforming relationship with our God and Savior.

“When Jesus lives in you, you become changed. You have power over temptation that was impossible when you were going it alone,” she says. “You are enabled to put God’s will in action – defeating the enemy with courage and confidence. You see life from the perspective of the cross – you know that the battle has already been won. . . .You have victory in Jesus!” It really is that simple.

This book is Brenda Walsh at her best. It’s Brenda glowing with the love of Jesus, shouting with joy, and exploding with praise for the answers to her passionate prayers.

Paperback. Copyright 2007. 336 pages.

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