Quick Start Prayer Guide for Gen Z

Quick Start Prayer Guide for Gen Z

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It seems like such a simple request. It was a request made by the disciples to Jesusone day. They saw Him praying and were so impressed and impacted by His prayer that they wanted to learn to pray like Him.

Prayer can be one of the easiest things to do and one of the most difficult things at the same time. It’s like talking to a friend - that’s easy. It’s talking to a friend you can’t see or hear audibly - that’s hard. Let’s be honest, you look weird talking to someone that is invisible.

Even though God is unseen it does not mean that He is not accessible. He can be reached. He is just a prayer away. This guide will help you to connect with Him deeper and get more out of your time in prayer.

Paperback. Copyright 2020. 22 pages.

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