Guide for Local Stewshp Ldrs French

Guide for Local Stewshp Ldrs French

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Whether you are a stewardship leader, church elder or another church leader, this book is written for those who want to help church members realize the importance of stewardship.

A Guide for Local Church Stewardship Leaders is a how-to book written by practiced veterans of stewardship ministry. This guide is intended specifically for busy people, who have chosen to volunteer valuable time to direct this vital ministry.

The book is full of concrete examples of what has worked for qualified experts in stewardship. Look for proven strategies, fresh innovations, programming ideas and new resources that can be implemented immediately. Learn about the biblical foundation of stewardship, working with local church and conference leaders, partnering with local church ministries, capital campaigns, estate planning and more.

A vibrant stewardship ministry is fundamental for growing healthy, vigorous and purposeful congregations. This guide will assist stewardship leaders with ideas and experienced approaches to make your planning most efficient.

Paperback. 96 pages. Copyright 2019.

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