Children's Bible Lessons Volume 4-6

Children's Bible Lessons Volume 4-6

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Children love these Bible stories which feature beautiful animations and class interaction. Parents appreciate the practical manner of teaching that makes the gospel relevant to children’s daily lives. These lessons aid parents and teachers in developing children’s characters into jewels that will shine as the stars of heaven for eternity.

These DVDs are ideal for family worship, neighborhood story hour, VBS, Bible clubs, prayer meeting, and more.


  • Jesus Shows His Love for Everyone—Jesus helps the Syrophenician woman
  • Visitors from Heaven—Jesus on the mount of transfiguration
  • Remembering to Say “Thank You!”—Jesus heals the ten lepers; one returns thanks
  • Finding What Was Lost—Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep


  • Two Lost Sons—Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son
  • Blind Bartimaeus—Jesus teaches about the leaven and hidden treasure
  • The Poor “Rich Man”—Jesus reveals the way to be saved to the rich young ruler
  • Two Rich Men Choose—Zacchaeus repents and another rich man builds bigger barns


  • The Triumphal Entry—Jesus rides the donkey into Jerusalem and curses the fig tree
  • Jesus Cleans the Temple Again—Jesus tells of two sons and blesses the widow’s mite
  • Jesus’ Last Visit to the Temple—Jesus visits with the inquiring Greeks
  • Signs of Jesus’ Coming—Jesus tells His disciples about the end of the world

Includes four DVDs. Each Bible lesson has been edited for TV broadcast and is 28.5 minutes in length. Copyright 2009.

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