The LEAD Anti-Racism Challenge

The LEAD Anti-Racism Challenge

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A 40-Day Journey

If you:

  • Care about racial prejudice... 
  • want to stand against racism but aren’t sure how to get involved...
  • Feel that love for God and others is the key to healing racial prejudice...
  • Want to live out Spirit-filled love amid diversity in your life...
  • Would like to understand and get more involved in showing love to people across the lines of diversity...


  • Are passionate about anti-racism and want to help lead a movement,

This book is for you.

Join our diverse group of writers on this courageous 40-day devotional journey through stories, prayers, and radical growth. Your life will never be the same. Learn to: Listen, Embrace, Advocate, and Dream.

“That we all may be one” is our earnest prayer.

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