Seeking an Understanding

Seeking an Understanding

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“Before saying ‘I disagree’ be sure you can say ‘I understand’” — Roger E. Olson

Seeking an Understanding brings together interpersonal and intercultural communication principles, tempered with a practical pastoral approach. It does not seek to break new ground in terms of research but synthesizes current research into an accessible entry point for those who want to have better conversations. This book is an ideal starting point for anyone feeling overwhelmed and confused by the angry chaos communicated around them.

Dr. Seth Piece does not irresponsibly reduce complex issues into mere conservative or liberal talking points, which is a common tactic used by pundits and ill-informed social media posters looking for attention. As you progress through the concepts in this book, you will begin to see countless examples of each element discussed show up online and in the media.

Understanding requires more than reading. At the end of each chapter you will find a few reflections and exercises that will challenge you to dig deeper into what you really understand and believe.

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