Reach Out! Relevant Youth Evangelism

Reach Out! Relevant Youth Evangelism

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There are varying postmodernist approaches to the idea of community that impact the role of religious bodies for individuals searching for spiritual experiences. Reach Out: Relevant Youth Evangelism is a collection of presentations given at the 180 Symposium where a group of Adventist administrators, academics and practitioners met to discuss challenges and possibilities in the area of youth evangelism. The goal was to
examine relevant and effective ways to involve Adventist youth and young adults in evangelism and effectively reach youth and young adults outside of the church.

This book is divided into five sections:

  • Innovative Youth Evangelism
  • Youth Evangelism on Campus
  • Mobilizing Our Youth for Evangelism
  • Creating a Culture of Youth Evangelism
  • Recommendations for a Brighter Future

The last section presents the suggestions and recommendations that came from three focus groups: administrators, practitioners and public campus ministry leaders. This resource is designed to give local church leaders ideas on how they can engage youth and young adults in their church’s evangelistic plans to reach youth and young adults in their community.

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