Hooked on Unhappiness

Hooked on Unhappiness

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Are you a certifiable negaholic? If so, this book could change your life.

Answer these few questions:

1. Do you find yourself in a bad mood more often than not?

2. Are you critical of everyone and everything around you?

3. Do you dwell on painful memories?

4. Do you have a negative perspective of global proportions?

5. When someone says, “Good morning,” do you think, What’s good about it?

If so, this book is for you! You are a negaholic.

Author Carol Cannon once caught herself thinking that God had singled her out to carry a heavier-than-average burden because He knew she could handle it! When she finally woke up and smelled her superior attitude, she was mortified. Workaholism, caretaking, and control had become a self-perpetuating cycle. By the age of forty-five she was, in her own words, “toast—burned out from overwork and overworry.” She knew she needed to change, but she couldn’t. She was a certified alcohol and drug counselor by then, but she didn’t recognize her own behavior as addictive. She had a martyr monkey on her back. Actually, it was a giant gorilla—King Kong with a shave. That was twenty years ago.

The physician-cure-thyself method didn’t work. Attempting to ratchet up her faith to impress the Almighty and praying harder didn’t work either. Nor did reading every self-help book on the market. The more she tried to control her behavior the more she lost control. Negaholism undermined her character, sabotaged valued relationships, and subverted her spirituality. She had to admit defeat. She didn’t realize it then, but that was the first step in her recovery.

Paperback. Copyright 2007. 176 pages.

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