Getting It Right - Bible Study Guide

Getting It Right - Bible Study Guide

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Getting it Right is aimed specifically at those attempting to lead a discipleship training effort in the local congregation, focusing in on the big issues that we must approach properly if we’re going to be sure the outcomes are positive and transformational. Author Dan Day brings a clearly-drawn picture of life in the Adventist community and provides study groups with key spiritual growth principles and realistic targets they can reach.

Getting it Right will help you learn how to avoid obstacles including starting out at the wrong place, losing sight of Jesus, being whipped around by your emotions, failing to embrace the promise of recovery, missing the benefits of a faith community, and forgetting to cling to Jesus no matter what.

About the Author

Dan Day is an experienced pastor who is currently serving as the Director of Special Projects for the North American Division at the Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. For seven years he served as Director of the Church Resource Center, and he was the Executive Editor in the development of the iFollow discipleship resource. Day served for many years as an Adventist college vice president. He also served as a vice president for marketing and advertising in various corporations and owned his own marketing and consulting firm.

Paperback. Part of the iFollow series.

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