Playful Worship

Playful Worship

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If you want your child to experience worship as a bonding, imaginative and meaningful time because you were a part of it, this resource is for you.

“Children learn through play! As a mum, I know I often feel like I’ve forgotten how to ‘play’ and need someone to remind me how. This is what I love about music. These fun songs—old and new—and the abundance of playful ideas will encourage you to ‘play’ with your child again. And the best bit: while you play, your child will be growing in the knowledge that they are super special, loved by you and precious to God. They will sing about Bible stories, scripture verses and actively worship—with you. Children need someone to ‘play’ with—and you are their most important teacher and playmate. Don’t miss this special opportunity!”—Kylie Stacey

“Playful Worship is a delightful resource of worship music and interactive activities that will not only help young children build a faith relationship with Jesus, but also bond spiritually with their family. This is not just a music book—it is a worship/discipleship resource that will equip parents and church leaders to nurture children.”—Julie Weslake, Children’s Ministries leader, Sydney, Australia

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