New Members' Bible Study Guide: In Step With Jesus - The Journey Begins

New Members' Bible Study Guide: In Step With Jesus - The Journey Begins

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A central command of the gospel commission is “make disciples.” This New Members’ Bible Study Guide is being prepared to assist in this task. Because the New Members’ Bible Study Guide has special objectives, it also contains some new features that are not found in the regular Adult Bible Study Guides.
  • Personal Stories
  • A Closer Look – a sidebar that will focus on a specific word or aspect of the lesson, offering additional information or comments.
  • Adventese – a sidebar created to help new members become acquainted with Adventist culture and terminology.
  • Checking Up – This section comes on Friday, after a week of study on a certain topic, and uses quizzes or activities to help the student personally relate to the lesson topic.
  • Consider This – This section appears on Friday and will typically present some non biblical information on the topic from history, science, etc.

The Journey Begins is the first guide. It covers the Holy Spirit, Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, creation, nature of man, Great Controversy, life, death and resurrection of Christ, experience of salvation, growing in Christ, Church, the remnant and its mission, unity in the body of Christ, baptism, Lord's Supper, spiritual gifts and ministries, gift of prophecy, law of God, stewardship, Christian behavior, marriage and the family, Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary, second coming of Christ, death and resurrection, millennium and the end of sin.

This is the first book in a series of four.

Paperback. 107 pages. Copyright 2012.

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