Bible Study Basics - Bible Study Guide

Bible Study Basics - Bible Study Guide

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Bible Study Basics builds on the premise that for Seventh-day Adventists, called “people of the book,” discipleship cannot be understood except in terms of a process fed by Bible study. In nurturing disciples, one of the things we often fail to do is teach them how to study the Bible; we tell our growing members they should study, but we rarely take the time to provide the sort of training that makes that imperative possible. The lessons in this book will help church members learn more about the process of Bible study and how it leads to a discipleship relationship with Jesus.

Bible Study Basics has been written to address six “big ideas,” representing the key elements in the Bible study process: making sure we keep Jesus at the center; learning how to dig deeply into the Bible; clinging to “big picture” perspectives, rather than becoming lost in minutia; looking for God’s personal message to the reader; studying with the community, as well as alone; and then keeping in mind that all truth is revealed by God, in His miraculous teaching capability, where even the least sophisticated reader is equipped to see His message.

About the Author

Dan Day is an experienced pastor who is currently serving as the Director of Special Projects for the North American Division at the Adventist World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. For seven years he served as Director of the Church Resource Center, and he was the Executive Editor in the development of the iFollow discipleship resource. Day served for many years as an Adventist college vice president. He also served as a vice president for marketing and advertising in various corporations and owned his own marketing and consulting firm.

Paperback. Part of the iFollow series.

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