Beginning Your Spiritual Journey - Leader's Guide

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey - Leader's Guide

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Beginning Your Spiritual Journey is designed specifically to support the entire discipleship process. So many of us actually “stumble” into our spiritual lives, with no real plan for how we’re going to walk the spiritual journey successfully, let alone how we’re going to grow in Christ. We mean well, and we begin hopefully; but as we progress along the path, we often encounter challenges that haven’t been anticipated and for which we’re not well prepared. This is particularly challenging for Adventists, who see themselves as a “called people,” with a distinctive message to deliver to the world. How do we find the right balance between “having the truth”—and speaking it boldly—and understanding that we cannot speak to contemporary audiences without humility and collaboration?

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey is primarily for those just starting out on the path to discipleship: new members and those who feel a bit lost on how to build a powerful spiritual life. But it is also for those of us who have been “in the way” for a while, but who are encountering difficulties we didn’t expect, and who may need to rebuild some of the elements of a vital spiritual life that we missed, somewhere along the way.

This leader’s guide includes all the information you need to lead a small group through Beginning Your Spiritual Journey. It includes discussion questions, recommendations for further reading, and more.

Paperback. Copyright 2012. Part of the iFollow series.

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