Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

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Do you wish you knew how to talk about sexuality as easily as you speak of sports or music? Do your students have the skills to resist harmful peer and media pressure? Would you like help in collaborating with parents to educate young people to make wise choices about sex and avoid sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy? Human Sexuality: Sharing the Wonder of God's Good Gift With Your Children provides real help for teaching the facts of life, biblical values, and practical skills for Christian living.

Human Sexuality is a comprehensive Christian curriculum framework on this crucial topic—the first step toward empowering parents, pastors, and teachers for their roles in educating children and youth about sexuality. It begins with the biblical teachings that are the parameters for the church's message and then details the key concepts to be taught, suggesting the ages/developmental stages at which each is best introduced. This work provides a foundational resource crucial to the development of a wide array of culturally sensitive educational material.

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