Suicide / Harm | Spanish

Suicide / Harm | Spanish

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If you've thought of suicide or hurting yourself, help is just a call away. Chapters in this booklet cover:

  • Your Life is Still Worth Living: It's OK if you don't see a way out right now. That's what depression does.
  • Getting Help For Suicidal Thoughts: You can learn to manage and find help for thoughts about ending your life.
  • When You Feel Like Self-Harming: It's possible to replace self-harm with a safer coping strategy. Here's how.
  • Creating Your Personal Safety Plan: Sit down with a therapist or a trusted friend to create this action plan for a suicidal crisis.
  • #BeThe1To Help Someone: Find out how to help someone who is in emotional pain.
  • Resources and People to Call: You'll never have to feel alone again.


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